How to Recognize and Secure a Hacked Yahoo Email Account

Security of any of your online account is quite mandatory whether it is being used for the personal purpose or professional one. Email account safety is vital to think about. It may happen with you anytime that someone hacked your account and unable to access your account. For such type of issues, it is suggested to manage such things with complete ease. You don’t need to get worried as for every issue, there is a permanent solution.

Here are some signs that indicate your account has been hacked:
• You will not receive any emails in your account.
• You will also see logins from unpredicted locations on your existing activity page.
• The account settings or info were changed without informing you.
• Also your Yahoo email account will automatically send spam to your contacts.

What should you do?

You need to right away change the password of your Yahoo account for the hacked account. In case your password has been breached, you need to make certain that you are not using it on other sites.

And the very next thing you need to consider that in case someone has accessed your personal information and if so you need to identify it.

Update your Yahoo password and recovery info

Steps to secure your account:
• You need to create a strong password that is hard to guess by anyone.
• In order to secure your account, you need to change your password right away.
• In case you don’t have access, you need to use the Sign-in Helper for resetting your Yahoo password.
• Finally, you need to change your recovery info by just updating your mobile number and alternate email address.

Add on the security with two-step verification or Account Key:

With the help of Account Key, you will get an additional layer of security by acquiring a notification on the phone in spite of depending on a password.

Apart from this, the option which you can implement is the two-step verification process. In this, a notification will be sent to your phone when your Yahoo account is accessed from an unknown device.

By implementing the above steps, you can secure your account in a better manner. In case you confront any difficulties in understanding the steps, you need to just make a call on a Yahoo customer service support 800 phone number. The number will provide you the instant tech support for all your issues.


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